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Dr. Lukasz M. Skomial, D.D.S.
Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants

Who is a Prosthodontist?


A dentist who provides an extremely high level of care to patients missing teeth, or having significant damage to their existing teeth. Prosthodontist works with congenital defects as well as problems arising from trauma and neglect.

Prosthodontics is a specialty recognized by American Dental Association (ADA) and requires a minimum of three years of additional training after obtaining dental degree from accredited dental school or hospital based residency program. Prosthodontist receives a certificate of specialty training at completion of the program.


Prosthodontist specializes in dental implants, dental esthetics, restoration of missing or damaged teeth through crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.


American College of Prosthodontists provides additional information about the specialty (

Why should you see a prosthodontist?

If you desire care at highest level, prosthodontist will be your choice. Abbreviated list of dental conditions that a prosthodontist treats is provided at: